Repair, maintenance and servicing of frequency inverters and frequency converters

We repair e.g. frequency converters, frequency converters of the brands

  • Danfoss VLT3002, VLT3003, VLT3004, VLT3006, VLT3008, VLT3502- VLT3562
  • Danfoss VLT5001, VLT5002, VLT5003, VLT5004, VLT5005, VLT5006, VLT5008
  • Danfoss VLT5011, VLT5016, VLT5022, VLT5027, VLT5032, VLT5042, VLT5052
  • Danfoss VLT5060, VLT5075, VLT5100, VLT5125, VLT5150, VLT5200, VLT5250
  • Danfoss VLT6002, VLT6003, VLT6004, VLT6005, VLT6006, VLT6008, VLT6011
  • Danfoss VLT6016, VLT6022, VLT6027, VLT6032, VLT6042, VLT6052, VLT6062
  • Danfoss VLT6075, VLT6100, VLT6125, VLT6150, VLT6175, VLT6225, VLT6275
  • Danfoss FC-301, FC-302, VLT2800 Series
  • Lenze EVF8211-E, EVF8212-E, EVF8214-E, EVF8217-E,  EVF8218-E, EVF8223-E
  • Lenze E82EV751 , E82EV553K4B201 and 8200 Vector
  • Lenze Servo EVS9321-ES,EVS9322-ES,EVS9323-ES,EVS9324-ES,EVS9325-ES
  • SEW Eurodrive Movitrac B  31B015-503-4-00, 31B030-503-4-00 , 31B040-503-4-00
  • 31C015-503-4-00 ,31C022-503-4-00 , 31C030-503-4-00 , 31C040-503-4-00 ,
  • SEW Movitrac 31C055-503-4-00  etc.    
  • Rockwell
  • Siemens z.B. micromaster 620/640   6SE6420- and 6SE6440-
  • Mitsubishi
  • Refu
  • AEG Thyrosteller , Thyro-P 2P400-280 (without CPU)
  • Hitachi e.g. HFC-VWS5.5HF3 , HFC-VWS2.5HF3
  • Getriebebau Nord
  • KEB, Bauer, Wilo etc...

      You receive 12 months warranty on repairs carried out by us!

Benefit from our experience with companies in the food, steel and metal industries who can keep their drive technology in operation for a long time through maintenance and preventive measures.

The "forming" of frequency converters is also part of preventive maintenance!

Contamination often leads to defects in the necessary cooling of the device itself and age-related wear to the drying out of capacitors and thus to the destruction of the power output stages (IGBT) and the power supply.

We would like to show you what the devices typically look like before and after professional cleaning and preventive replacement of the wear parts using the example of Danfoss VLT5003 on the right.

As in this example, you can keep your drive technology in operation for a long time with little effort and regular maintenance.

If necessary, it is also possible to hire replacement equipment during preventive maintenance!

In case of emergencies we can also offer you rental equipment or the "repair exchange" for existing stock!