Frequency Inverter Shop

Our spare parts stock includes frequency converters from many manufacturers:

These include frequency converters from Danfoss, Lenze, SEW, Siemens and other manufacturers.

Here are some frequency converters from our stock:

ABB ACS604-0140-3 , ABB ACS800-01-0016-3 , ABB ACS800-01-0020-3 ,

ABB ACS800-01-0070-3 , ABB ACS60100113 , ABB PP220 Panel, ABB ACS604-0140-3

Control techniques commander SE33400550

Danfoss VLT3002 175H7238 VLT3003 175H7242 VLT3004 175H7246 VLT3006 175H1152 

Danfoss VLT3008 175H3137

Danfoss VLT5001PT5B20EBR , Danfoss VLT5002 , Danfoss VLT5003PT5B20EBR

Danfoss VLT5004PT5B20EBR and VLT5004PT5C20STR, Danfoss VLT5005PT5B20EBR ,

Danfoss VLT5006PT5B20EBR3DLF , Danfoss VLT5008PT5B20EBR ,  

Danfoss VLT5011 , Danfoss VLT5022PT5C20SBR , Danfoss VLT5027 STR 175Z4335 ,

Danfoss VLT 6003 VLT6006 VLT 6008

Danfoss VLT6052HT4C20STR 175Z7034 ,VLT6062HT4C20STR

Danfoss FC102P45KT4E20H1 , FC102P11KT4E20H1 ,

Danfoss FC-301P1K5T4

Danfoss FC-302P7K5T5E20H , FC-302P22KT5E21H1XG , FC-302P30KT5E55H1BG

Danfoss FC-302P4K0T5E20H1XG

Lenze EVF8211-E, EVF8218-E 

Lenze 8200 E82EV552K4B200,

Lenze EVS9328-ES , EVS9324-ES , EVS9322-ES , EVS9321-ES

SEW Movitrac 31C015-503-4-00, 31C022-503-4-00, 31C030-503-4-00

SEW Movitrac 31C055-503-4-00

Siemens Midimaster 6SE3223-5HD50 , Siemens Micromaster420 6SE6420-2AD25-5CA1

Siemens Micromaster 6SE6440-2UE24-0CA1

All frequency inverters are processed and subjected to a load test in our test bench!

The reprocessing includes the basic replacement of wearing parts as well as the professional cleaning of the devices!

We grant 12 months warranty on all frequency converters!

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