Together with our customers we have developed a concept to avoid production stoppages.

The "repair exchange"

How do you do that?!

In case of existing stock, we send our customers a generally overhauled device directly in emergencies. If a repair is possible after receipt and inspection of your device, you only pay the lower "exchange price"!

With the "repair exchange" we offer you up to 25% discount on the offered devices, which is guaranteed after examination of your devices and the confirmation of the repair possibility of our workshop!

Even faster, cheaper and more reliable, as you are used to with us!

Again and again we are addressed by our customers to the much too little considered topic maintenance and repair.

We do not treat the maintenance of a frequency inverter as a repair if there is no faulty behaviour, as many customers suspect!

Preventive measures keep the system in operation and are only a fraction of the costs that can arise in the event of failure!

Your RasKo team ....always there for you via our 24 h emergency number +49 (0) 2064 / 97 08 005!